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"We would be pleased to take your order in English, Italian, and French!"

Tuscany cuisine is delicious and healthy food with a lot of vegetables and beans. You can enjoy the dishes made by our chef who trained in Firenze (Florence) for many years. We also have a variety of farm cheese and inexpensive wines. Come and check out our delicious meals!

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Lunch/11:30-15:00 : Dinner/17:00-23:00
*Closed on Monday,Open for lunch on Fri,weekends and holidays
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Venison steak with blueberry sauce 2,400en

Albino saute with turnip soup 1,300en

Chef's pasta with broccoli and scallop 1,800en

Japanese radish salada with yellowtail fish and bo 1,500en


Foie-Gras flavoured with Japanese Miso 1,600en

Today's Carpaccio 1,500en

Mix of Prosciutto and italian salami 1,800en

Green salad 1,000en

Homemade picked vesitables 600en

Grilled vesitable salad 900en

Salad with tomato and water buffalo mozzarella 1,400en

Okayama beef in salt 1,500en

Pasta and Risotto

Spaghetti with clam 1,600en

Penne with hot tomato sauce 1,300en

Spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli 1,300en

Meat Sauce 1,600en

Classic style of vesitable and bread soup 1,000en

Today's risotto 1,600en


Main dish

Seafood soup 0en

Today's fish plate 0en

Homemade sausage cooked with tomato sauce 2,300en

Born-in grilled pork loin 2,700en

Bite-sized roasted beef garnished with rockets and 2,300en

Stewed tripe cooked with tomato sauce 1,800en



Grappa 900en

Limonciello 600en

digestive 800en

Sambuka 600en

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Chef : Takahiro Takasu

I trained at Minamiaoyama Antonio and Il Buttero, those are the forerunners of Italian food in Japan. In 2000, I moved to Italy where I worked in many restaurants in Firenze and its suburbs, such as at CIBRERO, famous for the local cuisine of Firenze and the town of Fiezore. In 2004 I returned to Japan and started working in Magari.I became acquainted with Mayumi while we were in Firenze and learned that we both had the same dream of opening this restaurant.
I will be very happy if you enjoy the cuisine that I learned in Tuscany.

2006 : Magari
2005 : Komazawa La Strada,Japan
2000-2004 :
  Carpediem, Italy
  La Braonda,Italy
  Le Berrique,Italy
  La Beppa,Italy
  Belcore, Firenze,Italy
  Il Sole,Bologna,Italy
1995-1997 : Al Avis,Japan
1988-1992 : Minamiaoyama Antonio,Japan

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Madam : Mayumi Wataya

I studied studying wine at Academie du Vin in Aoyama (Tokyo) beginning in 1998 and acquired the license of wine expert from Japan Sommelier Association in 2000.
After I resigned from the banking business I stayed at my favorite winery in Tuscany,Italy for six months.Along with their harvesting methods I also learned the brewing process for wine. In Firenze (Florence) I studied Tuscan home cooking and
selection of appropriate wine to complement the meal.
My wish is that you can also enjoy the Tuscan cuisine with wine in our Trattoria Magari.

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